Kathryn Scott Design Studio KSDS

About Us

We are passionate about creating beautiful surroundings and believe beauty can be found in the simplest things around us. Our goal is to transform the quality of our client's life experience by living within a design tailored for them. Our diverse, international clientele ranged from the President of Tatarstan in Russia to prominent professionals and entrepreneurs in the United States, Europe and China, to young couples forming their first home. Kathryn personally directs the design of each project. Although we mainly design private residences, Kathryn's favorite projects involve the restoration of historical buildings re-interpreted to harmonize with contemporary lifestyle. Environmental friendly considerations are also a priority since safe practices promote the preservation of our own health living within them.

Working with new construction, renovation and decorative installations, we curate a mixture of styles and cultures representing the clients’ lifestyles, personal history and preferences. As the vehicle for interpretation, Kathryn is drawn to simplicity, beautiful detailing and unexpected touches of drama. The process of creating a unique portrait for each client is what makes each job challenging and interesting.

Kathryn's Philosophy

Kathryn Scott sees herself as an artist captivated by the creation of serene, harmonious living spaces as the sanctuary to rest, replenish and refocus on the things that matter most in our lives. Within our home walls daily life is pleasurable, allowing us to reduce stress, connect with our creative side, and live happier. Our homes are the place our family memories happen, influencing the lifelong choices of all family members. Furnishings and finishes are selected and curated for their inherent beauty, personal need, fit and balance within the client’s spaces. Customized details with interesting materials allow each room to express its potential, which transforms how we feel. Kathryn creates daily objects for living, from furniture to porcelain, to incorporate into her environments. The importance of our surroundings should not be underestimated: they shape our moods, thoughts and dreams.

Interior Design Services Offered